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A Wiffle Ball Eulogy From the HV_WBL Commissioner


As many of you know, when I started the summer league back in late June 2010, it was just nine or 10 guys playing in my front yard on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons, playing in that tiny band box that I dubbed the Barn Yards.

Over the next few years, the league grew from 9 players to include some 60 players in the summer, fall and winter. It has been an incredible experience that will stick with me for a long time.

But every good thing comes to an end. After much thought, internal debate and discussions with my family, I have made a decision I knew I’d have to make one day....

So, it is with great, great sadness, that I am announcing the closure of the Hudson Valley WBL Summer League. This website will cease to exist as of March 24, though do not worry, Kris Morse, I will save the article about Lucas and Geller conspiring to kidnap Tom Oster and sign him to the Yankees ...  in the middle of a game. Our new website, which will be used for our indoor season, will be announced later this year.

The good news is, despite how bad I’ve looked against top-notch pitching, we have no plans to disband the Winter Ball indoor league at this time ... though I do plan to bribe some of the better pitchers to lob me the ball so I can pick it up without bifocals.

I want to specifically thank the Barn Yard Originals: Paul Rivera, Chad and Cliff Fordham, Robin Deutsch, Mike Salerno, Fred Lynch, Brian Quirk, Bond Brungard, Tommy Berton...

If you guys don’t decide to spend your weekends at my house playing pick-up wiffle ball, this league never happens. I also want to thank Brett, the Commish at Palisades WBL, who I emailed about wiffle ball leagues in 2010 and who provided me with tons and tons of great advice (including, “get the games out of your front yard if you want people to take you seriously…”). There was an innocence about that first year that I'm not sure can ever be duplicated.

Everything that was right about this league was due to input from players and other league commissioners. Its failures were mine and mine alone. 

The number of people who volunteered their time and efforts to help this league are simply ridiculous, and I cannot thank them enough: The yeoman efforts of guys like Tom Oster, Kris Morse, Drew van der Poel, Joe Curbelo, Jeff White, Tom Resso, Paul Thorpe, Corey Kain, Steve Tozzi, The Gel Man, the list goes on ... guys who dedicated hours to this league for little reward. (And special mention to the outfield-wall-rolling prowess of Nicky “Biggs” Warren. Months from now, when I am an old, old man, I will regale everyone in the old folks home with tales of the perfection with which Biggs rolled up the vinyl outfield wall so that it actually fit in the backseat of my Honda.)

And then there is High School John Geller. Nuf said.

We were never the biggest or best league, but I am proud of the summer league. We had some great players, many of who will do great in other summer leagues.

I appreciate everyone I met through this league and will miss the camaraderie and the daily emails about rules, umpiring and how I am ruining this league from my avid critics, Eddie Martinez Sr. and Billy Lucas.

On the bright side, I do plan on organizing some impromptu games at the refurbished Barn Yards this summer, where it is not only legal, but recommended, that you play while drinking a beer lol.

Thanks for playing. I miss summer ball already.

Dave G


Long Live
The Hudson Valley WBL

Summer League